Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Problem - Tweeting without Something to Share

Twitter is awesome, unless you don't really have a clue how to use it.  (The same thing goes for Facebook!)
Most companies are clueless about how to use Twitter.
Most companies "know" that social media is important, but they largely do not have a clue.

Of course, they know the names of the major platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Some of them even know a few of the other, lesser known but still popular platforms, like Pinterest.

They might even know HOW to post on these platforms and technically "engage" people by liking, following, or connecting with them.

However, the vast majority of these companies (and even non-profit organizations) simply demand that their employees or members start "posting on Facebook" or whatever else.

They think that just because there are a lot of people sitting at a location that it is a great idea to shower them with attention-seeking posts...about themselves, of course.

Most companies try to broadcast (post) their own self-serving interests on Twitter BEFORE they build anything worth sharing.

What types of things might be worth sharing?
-Tips about how to make things easier within your industry
-Tips about how to reduce unnecessary costs (that many people overlook)
-Tips about how to be more effective or efficient
-Quick, easy-to-use "cheatsheet" of resources that will help the people you're trying to reach
-Something cute, funny, or clever (video, picture, infographic, blog post, etc.)

Twitter is SO valuable when you have something WORTH SHARING.

But what if I do not have anything worth sharing, yet?  Am I wasting my time on Twitter?

Not necessarily!

If your company (or organization) does not have anything "shareable," then you simply should use Twitter (and other social media platforms) to NETWORK.  That's right...NETWORK...Identify people and companies who might be a valuable part of your network and find ways to help them.

In the beginning, maybe you're just simply promoting THEIR stuff.  They get notified that you did it.  If you make a habit of it, they will notice...eventually.  If they never do, then you're still providing valuable resources for other people following you, and many of these people will begin to see YOU as an authority just by having the right connections.

Even in THIS case you have something share, though...even though it's not your own stuff.

So...What is the KEY to making Twitter work for you?

Answer: Find something sharable...eventually CREATE something sharable so that you have something OTHER people WANT to promote.

Isn't that why we got involved with social media in the first place?

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