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Internet Marketing Tip: 4 Video Marketing Things to Avoid (Online Marketing Killers)

Video marketing is not a vital part of online marketing, but it is a really smart internet marketing approach to take.

Most people do not even begin to use videos to market their business.  They think it's too hard, expensive, or they just don't know how to produce any good videos for their business.  Small businesses are especially bad about this, but even big businesses are not always great about using video marketing techniques.

Of the few people and companies that do make videos and post them onto the Internet, many of them make fatal errors that kill their video marketing effectiveness.

Here are four (4) different video marketing things to avoid (the Online Marketing Killers):

  1. Don't find and use (the right) Keywords
  2. Only Post to YouTube
  3. Don't Add Location to Location-Specific Videos
  4. Advertise Instead of Help or Entertain
Some of these might seem obvious, but I see these things every day I use the Internet, and they will nearly kill your marketing effectiveness.

1. Don't find and use (the right) Keywords

This, by far, people not using and finding the right keywords is the biggest video marketing mistake I see, because THIS IS CRITICAL.

Google needs to know HOW to categorize your video so that your video can be found be the RIGHT PEOPLE--your TARGET MARKET.

There are several things you can do to help this, but the most basic things are to include your keyword in the Video Title and Video Description.  Help Google list your video for the keywords you want.

If you need help with keywords, you can check out this post about keywords (Warning: Keyword Research is not an exciting topic--It's only important!).

Do just those two (2) things, and your video marketing will much more effective than nearly every other video competing against you.

2. Only Post to YouTube

YouTube is an awesome resource.  Google owns YouTube, and it is tough to think that Google will not notice a YouTube video.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine used, behind Google and ahead of Yahoo and Bing.  That's pretty incredible since YouTube ONLY retrieves video search results--not other websites, articles, blog posts, press releases, classified ads, etc.

You can research to find more video search engines, but Vimeo is another popular video search engine.  These change often, and it does not hurt to constant check for new sources.

While I personally do not like to use Facebook, if your personal life can withstand it, post videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, etc.

The more places that have your video, the better chance that other people (and potential customers) will see your video.

3. Don't Add Location to Location-Specific Videos

Within YouTube (and a few of the other video search engines), you can specify the Video Location.

Despite this, many businesses--which serve a specific address, city, or region, strangely do not include their Location on their recorded video.  Probably, because they do not know to do it.

Actually, as of the time I am writing this, you have to go the "Advanced" tab on YouTube to add your video's location.  I don't know for sure that this helps (since Google never tells anyone how--exactly--they rank things), but it surely seems logical that this would help.

I know that I do it for any video that I record when I am targeting a certain city or location.

4. Advertise Instead of Help or Entertain

This is the biggest offender.

Advertising is cool.  I realize that we need to find as many ways as possible to broadcast our business to other people so they know we exist.

However, how often do YOU watch TV or listen to the RADIO...just to watch or hear an ADVERTISEMENT?

How often do you change the channel or station?

How hard is it to "change the station" on YouTube?

Blend your advertisement with value that you add.  Either educate people about a topic they want to learn or entertain them.  Either way, you want the viewer to pay attention to your video.

If you are doing nothing but advertising, do you think somebody who does not know you really care about YOUR business?

No, they care about learning something important to them or being entertained.

Isn't that why we take our time to watch or listen to things?

Why would we make our videos any differently?

You can give tips, benefits, insight, opinion, or even a "how to" manual to explain something.  People will WANT to watch the video then.

Blend in your company name and contact info.  Keep doing this enough times, you will be branding yourself to the people who are most interested in what your business has to offer.

If you avoid these four (4) video marketing mistakes, you will be far ahead of the curve and on your way to online marketing success.

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  1. This is helpful advice, Chris! Thanks for the tips.

    Sandra Beckwith

  2. You shared here some great and useful tips. I am thanking you for this. Video marketing is one of best and effective for promoting online business. You can use the You Tube that will easily attract the user attractions so much.
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  3. @Sandra: Thank you for your supportive comments.
    See Sandra's Build Book Buzz Website.

    @Heni: Thank you. You're right about YouTube being increasingly more effective for promoting online business.
    See Heni's Build Rapid Advance Website


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