Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easy Way to Create an InfoGraphic (Using MS PowerPoint 2007)

Infographics are a BIG thing right now.

Some of them are better than others, but many people are enamored with infographics, no matter WHAT they are supposed to explain.  We probably have social sites like Pinterest to thank for that.
Infographic Example: Using the Internet for Research
Infographics, like this, seem to capture people's attention more than standard text.

There are all sorts of infographics that people can make, and if they have MS PowerPoint 2007 (or possibly PowerPoint 2010--but I don't have that to know for sure), I am going to show that it's pretty easy.

Here is how you can create an infographic quickly and easily using MS PowerPoint 2007 (or a later version).

Here is the quick explanation without pictures.  (More detailed step-by-step directions will follow.)
  • Open MS PowerPoint 2007
  • Select "Insert" on the Ribbon
  • Select "SmartArt" on the Ribbon
  • Select the Infographic style
  • Complete text within Infographic
  • Save Infographic as .jpg file type
  • Insert Picture (which happens to be the Infographic)
You're done!
Example #2: Infographic: Pictures hold readers' attention MUCH more easily than regular words do.
More Detailed Instructions

If you need more help than THOSE directions gave, follow these instructions to create an infographic.

Step #1:Open MS PowerPoint 2007 (or later version)

Step #2 :Select Insert SmartArt function on the MS PowerPoint ribbon. (at the top).

Select "Insert" then select "SmartArt" on the MS PowerPoint ribbon.

Step #3: Select which Infographic shape/style you prefer to use.

You are greeted with this pop-up box menu when you begin to Insert SmartArt (for your InfoGraphic).
On the left side column, select which category of graphics you want to use (List, Process, Circle, etc.).
Within the shape category, select which style you want to use for your InfoGraphic and Click "OK"

Step #4: Complete the text information that you want your infographic to show.

Depending upon the shape and style you select, you will begin with something like this.  Begin typing.
Here is how this looks after you begin typing (notice the blue chevron on the left side AND the white boxes on the right).

Step #5:Save the InfoGraphic as a jpeg (.jpg) file type.

Begin Saving the picture as you ordinarily would save a file.
Select the "Save As" option on the left side column.
Select "Other Formats" on the right side column.
Click the down arrow beside "Save As Type" and choose "JPEG..."
Click the "Save" button.
Select "Current Slide Only" (CAUTION: This will NOT be the default.)

Now, you've SAVED the infographic.  All you need to do is insert this infographic, like you would any other picture.

Step #6: Insert the Picture (InfoGraphic) into your blog, presentation, etc.

Example: Completed InfoGraphic
Another Example: Infograhpic

That is ALL there is to making a fairly detailed infographic.

Let me know if you try and have trouble.  Also, I'd like to see examples of infographics you make.

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