Monday, April 13, 2015

9 Reasons FaceBook Might Get You Fired

For quite a while, human resource workers and hiring managers have been digging dirt on prospective candidates by looking at their social media posts, like FaceBook and Twitter.  Who knows how many people lost on an otherwise great job opportunity simply because of using poor discretion with things they post for the entire world to see.

Not only do people lose on job opportunities, some people have been FIRED because of things they posted on FaceBook or some other social media site.  There are things that seem evident to me, but I hear about things people do on there (I try to avoid FaceBook, myself!) that just plainly baffle me.

Honestly, from things I hear, I’m surprised even more people aren’t fired.

Just in case you need it, here is a quick list of reasons I might fire you (or your friend) based on FaceBook posts.
1. Posting During Odd Hours
2. Posting During Work oursHoHours
3. Posting Pictures Showing Evidence of Using Bad Judgment (i.e. Partying, Drugs, etc.)
4. Posting Things That Make Employer Look Bad
5. Complaining about the Employer
6. Complaining about the Job
7. Complaining about Coworkers (especially the boss)
8. Sharing Company Secrets
9. Promoting Competition

Some of these seem to be more common than others, but if you are a borderline employee, I can see myself firing you because of any of these.

Hopefully, you are not guilty of doing any of these, but statistics (and my personal experience) says that you know someone who is guilty of some of these things.

Can you think of other silly things people do on FaceBook that could cause them to lose their job?

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