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Mark Maupin: Getting Started in a Service-Related Business

Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing Group provided some an important marketing tip for businesses that service clients at their locations within a service area.  Mark has given talks about online marketing, led workshops, and has been a sponsored speaker at national conventions.

He also created and sold a business using the techniques he suggests here within this video.

Goal: Discuss where you (or other service companies) should start marketing your business:

Mark’s Recent Internet Marketing Success Story

Started doing marketing work for a dumpster business around 2011, but they stopped paying him.  So he got into the dumpster business himself—WITHOUT having any dumpsters himself.

Mark did it without anything except internet marketing, and ended up brokering those dumpster rental orders.  He just sold the company is early 2015.

Afterward, Mark was hired by two large dumpster rental companies (the ones that bought out his company).

What is the MOST important thing you need to do to get a service-related business started?
“You need to think of yourself as a lead generating machine.  You want to be able to generate more leads than anybody else in the market.  So when we talk about internet marketing, we’re really talking about lead generation for a service-related business.”

“So you must own the market, because if you own the market and you control the leads, you control everything.”

What are some examples of service-related businesses?
Appliance Repairman
Heating Repairman
Roofing Contractor
Siding Contractor

Topic Target: Businesses that go TO the customer (opposed to servicing them at their own business’ storefront)

The first place you want to go market your business is the (Google) maps – otherwise known as Google-Plus Business Listings (formerly Google Places).

Why are these map listings on Google so important?
--Over 60% of all internet searches are done on a mobile device (i.e. a Smart Phone or iPhone).
--75% of all mobile devices are Android-based.
--Google owns Android.
--The very first thing listed on a Andoid mobile search (using Google Now) are the Google Ads.
--After that, then these (Google) Map Listings show first underneath the paid ads.

“Google is the next phone book.”

Translation: A lot of people will see your business if you create a Google map listing for your company.

How does this help a business generate calls?
“What you need to know is that just, even on a really niche phrase, like dumpster rental, we were averaging between 15 to 100 incoming calls a day in the Detroit Metropolitan Area (using Google’s map listings).”

How can a business get itself listed on these Google map listings?
“You want to be very relevant.”

“By being relevant, I mean you need to have Google see you everywhere.  So whatever you name your business that shows up on that (Google map listing) directory site…(Google) needs to see that phone number and the address appear.  That’s calls a citation.”

How do you make sure that you have citations everywhere on the Internet?
“You list your business in hundreds of directory sites.  You also want to look to list yourself in the local directory sites (i.e. a local newspaper).”

“You need to have a picture (of something from your business) geo-tagged, (meaning) with the latitude and the longitude (of the location the picture is taken) on that picture that you list on your map (listing).”

You want to get reviews that you have rightfully earned.

“If you do this on a mass scale, then you are going to pop up on the Number 1 position.”

Key Point: “This is where you want to start (with) your marketing.”

Topic-Next Week: How to Get on the Other Spots on Page 1

Why should you listen to Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing?
--He has been doing this for 10 years.
--He has over 20 people working for him.
--He does this for TONS of clients.
--He does work for 2 national associations for appliance repair.
--All of his clients represent service-related industries.
--He markets for lots of appliance repair companies all over the nation (United States).
--He does work for 3 national franchises.

Contact Info: Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing Group
(Ralph) Mark Maupin - Right Now Marketing Group
(248) 939-6232

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