Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why I (sometimes) love being wrong

If given a choice between being right or wrong, which would you pick?


That makes sense...only sometimes.

Only sometimes?


When does it makes sense to WANT to be wrong?

Never...I (almost) always want to be doing the right thing.

However, if I'm ALWAYS right, how can my life get any better than it is already?

Do I really know the BEST way to do things?  Is there really no room for improvement?

Am I making as much money as I truly deserve?  Am I really doing everything I can to maximize all of the gifts my talents and life bring me?

Is it honestly impossible to be any happier?  Am I really as happy as my life will ever allow me?

Key Thought: Maybe I am doing things the BEST way, but how sure can I really be...if I never challenge myself, my thoughts, or my actions?

I don't really love being wrong...don't really love it at all.  However, I LOVE learning how parts of my life can be EVEN BETTER.

If I never consider the possibility that I'm not entirely right, how can I possibly discover an even better way?

If I'm too worried about being right, how can I ever discover a better way?

To miss that would just plainly be wrong!

I don't like being wrong, but I love learning how I'm doing something wrong...or not quite that I have a new way for my life to improve...just that much more.

Of course, just because you suggest something to me doesn't mean you're right, either...but I should love that I have something new to consider.

Who knows...I just might love today how wrong I was yesterday.

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