Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Creativity: Here’s The Magic Formula How to be Creative

Do you ever wonder how some people are SO much more creative than others?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be as creative as THAT guy?

KEY FACT: YOU CAN BE CREATIVE – Here’s the secret!

Most people think that THIS is the formula for creativity:

Creativity = Natural Creative Talent

In other words, they think there is not any formula at all.  They look at it like the gene pool version of the lottery…only some people are “lucky enough” to be creative.


While it IS true that some people are more NATURALLY creative than others, WE ALL CAN BE CREATIVE…IF WE WANT.

Over the years, I’ve noticed THIS more accurate “magic” formula for creativity:

Creativity = Natural Creative Talent + Curiosity + Effort

Notice that "Natural Creative Talent" is part of the equation…Unfortunately, we cannot control that part of the equation.

However, it is NOT an essential part, and it's not even the most important portion.

FORTUNATELY, we CAN CONTROL the other two (2) parts of the equation:


Curiosity is simply asking yourself “what if.”  What if we mixed together those things (that usually are not mixed)?  What if we try this path instead of our usual path?  What if take this approach instead of that approach?

Simply put…What if that really is NOT best way?

Effort is simply trying to find that answer (to the question “what if”)…even if it is wrong.  It is taking time to try things differently than you usually would.

Creativity does not mean that each thing we explore is brilliant.  It just means that we never accept that we’ve experienced all that life has to offer us…even years before we die.

So the next time you hear someone say something like, “I’m just not creative,” they’re probably right.  Not only might they be lacking natural creativity, but they also lack either curiosity to see whether something can be even better, or they lack the willingness to put forth the effort to try finding that answer (or the willingness to be wrong while trying).

Are you sure that you’re not that creative?  Does it really seem all that magical to you?

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