Sunday, June 2, 2013

1 Really Cool Way to Build an Email List and Your Brand

I discovered a great way to build your brand...and your email list...entirely by accident.

While trying to get involved with certain people by helping them, I tripped over a solution to a problem I was not really trying to least not while I was trying to help these other people.

A local non-profit group has a really awesome leader.  I admire this person, and I want to find ways to work together with him.  He is a visionary, intelligent, and very kind.  He wants to make the community a better place.

He runs a non-profit group that meets once a week.  He is a charismatic person who is really ambitious; so he is pretty popular already, and he constantly meets new people...and encourages them to visit one of the meetings.

At these meetings, he has a sign-in sheet for people attending the meeting to sign.

However, after a few weeks, I noticed one major problem.  WE WERE NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH THIS LIST.

I started putting together a list of people who were attending.  Each week, I added new people to this list.

I invited people to send me notices that they wanted to share with the BDYM members.  I encouraged emails that called for volunteer efforts, different community events, or even college scholarship opportunities.  Sometimes, I was willing to include messages to fundraising events for non-profit groups.

Certainly, I broadcasted events that our non-profit group coordinated or even just simply endorsed.

In other words, I was constantly sharing things that were pertinent to the people on this list.

Without trying, I realized that a lot of people began to know who I was, because I was the one sending out the emails for this non-profit group.  I started getting calls and getting referrals for marketing opportunities.

Many people were equating MY name as some variation of "the marketing expert."

Key Findings:
1. Gather names of people at events you attend and record those names.
2. Constantly provide valuable info to people on this list.

It is as simple as that.

Accidentally, my brand became stronger, because more people knew who I was.  Plus, they know that I provide value.

Volunteer to record names of people who are part of a non-profit organization, and constantly provide valuable info to them.  If you do these things, people will remember you for the RIGHT reasons, including when it is time to BUY from you or REFER someone in your direction.

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