Sunday, April 8, 2012

Video Example: Be Your Own Cool - Be a Professional in Your Niche

Yodelling is cool.  Don't believe me?  Check out this video!  (It's less than 3 minutes and easy to watch!)

Often, many people try to find the "next big thing."
Honestly, there probably are a few people who can truly forecast what will make people respond, but it's not very easy.

You have to find something that meets a need--possibly a rational need but mostly an irrational need--they think they have.  You have to do this with people that you never met and most likely never will meet.

That's all guesswork.  However, there is something that you can do to increase your chances.
I read something from Harvey Mackay once that implied that there are two ways to become successful.
  1. Do something uncommon.
  2. Do something common uncommonly well.
Doing something uncommon is cool--when it works.  Most of us aren't creative enough to do something that other people never thought to do.  Even if you are, you never know how people will respond to it.

Let's face it.  Are there many things most people consider to be LESS COOL than  yodeling?

Yodeling is seldom considered to be "cool."  However, this young lady pulls off the gig?

How did she do it?

Do something common uncommonly well.

She took something that many other people throughout the world have done--long ago.  Yodeling stopped being cool (if it ever was cool) around the time that people had access to other music outside of their town.  Nobody turns the radio station to "The Yodel Channel," and nobody looks to download yodeling songs on their computer or iPod.

This girl found a niche and approached it like a professional.

In this video, she was 12 years old.  She said that she started when she was 7.  That's five (5) years of dedicated work.  She said that she learned from a cassette tape and a book.  She didn't have any special advantages.

She said that she started, because she liked the sound of yodeling.  So she tried to find a way to sound just like the things that she heard that she enjoyed so much.

This girl found a way to take the sound that seemed so neat to her and transfer that same passion from her lips to our ears.  Through her, we could hear her vision that she had when she first heard the yodeling and decided to reproduce that sound.

She made something "uncool" very "cool" through her dedication.  She approached it like a professional.  Most people would not be willing to devote that type of time to a craft, but she did.

She did something common--uncommonly well.  She found HER niche, based on what SHE wanted to do.

When she yodeled, it BECAME cool, but it was not cool when she started it.

Find something that you enjoy doing and approach it like a professional.

When you blaze a trail, you'll be amazed at how many people follow it.  They didn't have any other trail to follow, anyway.  Most people find it easier to follow other people's trails.

What is something uncool that you might be able to make cool?

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